iTuTu New Kitchen

New kitchens and kitchen wares!
this is my first release since I have moved to Minnaloushe sim. yeah!XD

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iTuTu G&F ::: NEW ::: Owl Cushion

(iTuTu) Owl Cushion

:: choose the color from yellow/green/pink
:: each color contains 3sizes(L/M/S) and wear-able one (with holding anim)
:: 2prims / each

In world : slurl.com/secondlife/itutu/135/118/33

Market Place : marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/18082


iTuTu G&F ::: NEW ::: Candle Glass Light

(iTuTu) Candle Glass Light
hi :D
i released a small stuff ;)

:: contains 2 types
:: 4 prims/each
:: hanging rope can be modify
:: turn the light on/off by clicking the core/flame of the candle

i think it will suit to my "garden camp" tent ;)



iTuTu G&F ::: NEW ::: Garden Camp

(iTuTu) Garden Camp

hi :D
i released a small tent set for your garden ;)

1. all set
2. tent & flags
3. tent & rugs & cushions
4. flags & pole (you can copy them! enjoy decorate flags not only around tent)

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iTuTu G&F ::: NEW ::: Letter Cabinet

hi :D  i released some mesh furnitures.
(iTuTu) Letter Cabinet --- 4colors [ natural/dark/white/colorful ] 200L$/each

letters in the drawer are not liked.
i think you can enjoy to put anything you like in the drawer ;)
you can buy those flowers from the crate on the floor.

:: flowes in the drawer :: 
(iTuTu) petit dahlia / yellow, (iTuTu) sweetpea / white
120L$/each, copy&mod OK


iTuTu G&F ::: NEW :::

(※remade of my old product)

iTuTu Garden&Furnitures


iTuTu G&F ::: White Marche :::

"White Marche" buildings were released from iTuTu Garden&Furnitures.
they have been used as our store buildings in our itutu SIM since 2010.
I hope you will enjoy to customize them.;D

>> iTuTu Garden&Furnitures